Drive IQ

Drive IQA FLAGSHIP virtual project which aims to increase the iQ of potential learner and novice drivers has been rolled out across Neath Port Talbot.

The first of its kind in Wales, Drive iQ raises awareness of the hazards on the roads and aims to educate novice and potential drivers about the need to behave responsibly before they take the wheel.

Neath Port Talbot Council is working in partnership with a2om, a leading UK e-learning organisation, which has developed a suite of online modules enabling students to develop their knowledge as both driver and passenger.

The purpose is to raise levels of self-awareness and build coping strategies to keep them safe when they drive, particularly unaccompanied post driving test. All the modules are based on evidence and scientific research and have been designed around the European Goals for Driver Education to address driver attitudes, beliefs and behaviour even before students sit in the driver's seat.

Drive iQ is a set of 8 modules delivered free to schools and colleges by the a2om cic (a not for profit company). The idea is to engage with students and help them understand that a good driver drives with their mind, as well as their hands and feet. Technical skill is essential but the predominant factor in crashes is behavioural or attitudinal issues. Half the battle is to understand these issues, the other half is to learn to overcome or avoid them. Whilst the modules can be done in isolation, there are guidance notes to enable each module to be turned into an interactive workshop.

This broadens the experience of each student and helps to ensure that they see the range of views and even have a chance to reflect on their own thoughts, resulting in change of attitude. Topics covered include eye scanning, seatbelt usage, hazard perception, distractions and the anatomy of a crash.

Once ready to take the wheel, students can gain further experience through the Drive iQ PRO through our accredited ADIs and gain a BTEC qualification in driving.