The aim of the Junior Road Safety Officers' (JRSO) club is to empower children to highlight road safety issues within their school. This can be done through raising awareness amongst other pupils, teachers and the community, while maintaining links with the Road Safety Unit. The scheme links to citizenship which encourages pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and decision making.

How The Scheme Works

Every school taking part is encouraged to appoint 2 JRSOs from Year 6 and 2 deputy officers from year 5 to follow the scheme through. However, some schools decide to include more pupils from throughout the school to help empower maximum pupils. Which ever way the scheme is run is up to the school as taking ownership of the scheme is very important for all involved.

The Junior Road Safety Officers have 4 key areas to develop.

  • Putting up and maintaining a prominent notice board
  • Running school competitions
  • Giving class or assembly presentations on road safety topics
  • Promoting different topics such as Safe cycling, walking to school and Be Safe Be seen to name just a few.

A hand book is provided for the officers and a Road Safety Officer is available to meet with the officers whenever they wish.

Junior Road Safety Officers Conference

One important element of being in the club is the sharing of ideas with other Junior Road Safety Officers from within the borough. In past years, the Road Safety Team has held conferences for all officers so that they have ample opportunity to share ideas and meet others as well as interacting with other safety activities such as looking at the speed of traffic, and the importance of cycle helmets.

The valuable skills learned through this conference can then be taken back to the individual schools and shared with their peers.

We are delighted to announce that the Junior Road Safety conference will return again for 2011 2012 and details will follow in due course.

If you would like more information regarding this scheme or would like an officer to visit your Junior Road Safety Officers, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01639 686828 or e mail roadsafety@npt.gov.uk.