Throughout the year, the road safety team co-ordinate a number of campaigns targeting road user groups as part of its road casualty reduction strategy.

There are various ways in which publicity surrounding our campaigns can be used to impact upon the vulnerable 'at risk' groups or the anti-social behaviour of some drivers. The greatest effect is obtained with sustained, well-targeted information which impacts on a target group.

All of our publicity takes account of national and local issues by supporting:-

  • Road Safety Wales Publicity group, tasked with providing coordinated road safety campaigns alongside our Police and Fire and Rescue Service colleagues;
  • DfT 'THINK!' campaigns by distributing externally produced, free materials, giving the exercise a local flavour and relating it to a local problem, or
  • Local campaigns where bilingual materials are produced to deal with an issue that is specific to a particular area

We also have a road safety trailer that we utilise across the Borough on a monthly basis in support of our campaigns and initiatives.

If you are interested in the Road Safety trailer attending any of your events please contact: